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Pest Control Droitwich

Do you need help with pest control Droitwich? We’re here to help if you’re dealing with a pest issue, whether that be in your home or commercial property. If you need help dealing with a pest infestation, we’re only a call away!

With Allen Pest Control, you can expect a licensed, professional exterminator to come to your home. When we arrive, we’ll assess the issue, discuss the solutions with you, and when you’ve given the OK, we’ll go ahead and deal with the pest control job right away.

And you can count on us to tackle all types of pest problems. What’s more, we always aim to provide you with the best services at a competitive price. We also put safety first and foremost, on each job we do.

Our specialty is tough pests. No matter what type of pest you have, we have the knowledge and experience to get rid of them. We take on rodents (mice, rats), ants, wasps, much more. You can count on us to get the job done right. Every time.

pest control droitwich
droitwich pest control

Pests can be a nuisance no matter if they’re in your home or business. They can pose a health risk, damage to property and more. Plus, they’re a problem that can bring major disruptions to your home or business.

This is why our goal is to completely rid your residence or business of pests, without major interruptions. We can do all this and still keep our prices competitive, while also saving time and getting the job done right.

And we provide a discreet service, so neighbours and other businesses won’t even realise you have a pest problem. We arrive in plan vans that don’t draw attention. You can also count on us to be discreet as we work on the pest problem. No one but you will know we’re there to tackle a pest issue.

Why Choose Us for Pest Control Droitwich?

Here are the reasons that make us the best choice forDroitwich pest control:

1). We’re local: as a local pest control company, we work where you live or run your business. Why is this important? Because we understand the most common local pests in this area. We’ve to the knowledge and experience to deal with these and other types of pests. And we know what pest infestations are most common in this area at any give season.

2). We arrive fast: when you have a pest problem, you need a pest control company that can arrive quickly and get the job done as soon as possible. If you give us a call, we can schedule a visit at a time that’s best for you. We can also perform our pest control services at a time that’s best for your business. This way, you’ll have the least amount of business interruption.

3). We conduct a free survey: when we arrive to your home or business, we conduct a free survey of the premises and the surrounding area. Our survey is thorough and covers every part of your home or business that’s being affected by pests. Once we’ve finished the survey, we’ll discuss the results with you and answer any questions you may have. We’ll also discuss our recommendations on how to eliminate the pests, and the type of treatment that may be used. Our survey will also show where you can block areas to prevent re-entry and re-infestation. To top it all off, we’ll only get down to work once you’ve agreed to the treatment plan and the price, not before.

4). You’ll receive a written quote: when we’ve finished the survey and discussed the results with you, and you’ve agreed to the treatment plan and price, then we’ll prepare a written quote for you. You’ll have a record of the work that will be done, and you can use this as a reference when the treatment is completed. You won’t be caught paying hidden fees or costs with us. We stand by our written quotation every time.

    5). Contracts & service agreements: as a professional pest control business, we’ll also provide you with contracts and service agreements. You’ll have further documentation of the work that will be done, and you can this as a reference when the work is finished.

    6). We’re open 7 days a week: we’re ready to help when you need it. If you need help during the week or on the weekend, we’ll be there quickly to get started on the pest control issue.

    7). Always discreet: you can count on us to provide our services in a discreet manner. Our vans are plain, and we’ll work discreetly. Your neighbours or nearby businesses won’t know we’re providing pest control services.

    8). Fully insured: we are a fully insured professional pest extermination company. You can count on us.

    9). Trade registered: we’re a professional, trade registered business. What does this mean for you? It means that we’re certified in the safe use of pesticides. We’re experts who know how to keep you, your family and employees safe as we provide pest removal services.

    10). We stand behind our work: we take pest control seriously and stand behind our work. You can count on our professional pest control Droitwich. Plus, you don’t have to worry about hidden costs or fees when using our services. We stand behind our quote and our work. We’ll provide effective, save pest removal services every time.

      Our Pest Control Droitwich Services

      Here’s a list of the types of pests we deal with:

      • Rat control: rats can carry diseases and can be destructive due to their gnawing and chewing behaviours.
      • Mouse control: mice also carry disease and destroy property through chewing and gnawing.
      • Mole control: wreak havoc with yards and gardens, plus their holes can be dangerous to people, pets, as well as horses and cattle.
      • Wasp control: these flying insects have a nasty sting, but even worse is the fact that people are highly allergic to wasps. One bite can send such a person into anaphylactic shock.
      • Flea control: are a nuisance to both people and their pets. Plus, they can carry diseases that make pets sick.
      • General pests: we treat a wide variety of pests, in addition to those listed here.

      If you’re in need of help with pests, or you have questions, please give us a call. We’re looking forward to talking with you and solving your pest control issues today!

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