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Pest Control Redditch

Dealing with a pest infestation can be extremely difficult, whether at your place of business or your home. If you’re having trouble fighting unwanted pests of any type, then give us a call. We’re a professional pest control Redditch company and we can be there quickly to deal with your pest issue.

Allen Pest Control always provides you with high-quality services, and we have one of the best prices around. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your employees, customers, family, or pets. We know how to keep everyone safe, and effectively get rid of pests.

Our specialty is dealing with those pests that are tough to get rid of. We know how to take care of major infestation problems, too. No matter what type of pest you’re dealing with—from rodents, and mice to wasps and other types of pests, Allen Pest Control will get the job done, and we’ll get it done right.

pest control redditch
redditch pest control

Pests are Worse than Annoying

When you’re dealing with pests, they are more than just annoying. In fact, they can pose a health risk, cause damage to property and more. In addition, they can cause major issues at home or work. At work, a pest infestation not only causes major business disruptions, they can even lead to closure, loss of reputation, and even legal issues.

That’s why our goal is to ensure your home or business is completely rid of pests. And you don’t have to worry about major disruptions. We can work around your schedule to keep this kind of issue to a minimum. You don’t have to worry about the neighbours or neighbouring businesses learning about your pest issues, either. The reason is that our vans are plain and don’t attract attention. So, our service is discreet, as well as thorough. Other than us, you’ll be the only one who knows we’re there to take out pests.

Our Pest Control in Redditch Services

This is a list of the types of pests we take care of:

  • Mouse control: mice carry diseases and destroy property by chewing and gnawing. They can also access and contaminate foodstuffs.
  • Rat control: rats also carry disease and destroy property through gnawing and chewing. They may also access and contain foodstuffs.
  • Flea control: this is a nuisance that many people and their pets deal with each year. Not only are they annoying, but they carry diseases that can make your pet sick.
  • Mole control: their digging causes damage to yards and gardens. In addition, their holes can be dangerous for pets, people, and livestock.
  • Wasp control: these flying insects have a painful sting that can be deadly for anyone (including pets) that are extremely allergic to their venom. One sting is all it takes.
  • General pests: in addition to the above, we treat a wide range of pests and infestations.

    How We Can Help

    Here are some reasons that make us the best choice for your pest removal needs:

    Pest infestations are really not treatable with DIY methods. In addition, OTC insecticides and pesticides are made with dangerous chemicals. If they’re used or placed incorrectly, you can become very sick, or your pet and other wildlife could be at risk to be poisoned. We’re trained professionals who have the experience needed to tackle your pest infestation and get it done right.

    We have over 13 years’ experience dealing with pests and the effective methods to solve infestations. And safety comes first. We will keep you, your family, employees and pets safe as we tackle the problem.

    And we make it our goal to ensure you’re satisfied with our services. We’re open 7-days a week, and always provide a discreet service. Plus, we’re fully insured, and trade registered.

      Why Choose Us for Pest Control Redditch?

      For one thing, we’re a local business. This means that we understand the types of pest issues you face at home or work. We have the knowledge and experience to tackle these pests. And we have a deep understanding of the seasonal infestation problems that are common to this part of the country.

      We can come to your home or business fast. When you have a pest infestation, you need help as soon as possible. We’ll be there shortly after you call us. We can be there quickly because we’re local. Plus, we’ll schedule a visit when it’s best for your schedule. After the our inspection, we’ll also prepare a treatment plan that’s at a convenient time for your family or business. You won’t have to worry about major disruptions.

      Our surveys are free. All we have to do is come out to your home or business and conduct a survey of the building and the surrounding area. When the survey is completed, we’ll compile the results into a report and share this with you. We’ll then discuss the treatment options that work best for your situation. While we recommend certain treatments, the decision is all yours as to which treatment we use. And we only start work after discussing the survey with you and you’ve agreed to the treatment plan and price.

      In addition, we’ll provide you with a written quote after the survey is done. The quote will include information on all treatments and prices, so you won’t have to worry about any hidden costs. We stand by our quote every time.

      Our services are always discreet. No one else needs to know why we’re visiting your property. We use plain vans, so no one will know we’re there to get rid of pests.

      In addition to all of the above, we’re fully insured and trade registered. We’re certified to use pesticides, which means we’re experts at tackling a wide variety of pest issues.

      All of this comes down to our goal of providing you with the best possible services every time. Our pest control services are safe and will get the job done right. And you won’t have to worry about hidden fees or costs. We’ll stand by our quote and you can count on us to provide safe, effective removal of pests.

      If you have a pest control problem now, or would like more information about our services, then just gives us a call! We’re ready to help you get rid of those pests! We’re the best pest control company in Redditch!

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