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About Us

If you’ve found us on a search engine by searching something like “pest control Worcester” then we’re happy you are here. Allen Pest Control provides control and treatment services for both domestic and commercial customers in the Worcester area.

We’re a company owned by Jim Allen, who has over 13 years’ experience in providing pest control services. Through his extensive knowledge and experience in operations management and quality control, we have come to understand the importance of providing our customers with the best customer care and pest control services possible.

We always offer our quality services at a competitive price, while ensuring the safety of our customers and their families. Domestic customers can be confident that we provide a discreet service and always arrive at the property in a plain van for pest control Worcester.

When it comes to our business customers, we understand how disruptive and costly pests can be. We strive to solve our customers’ pest problems with the least amount of disruption, while ensuring pests are stopped in their tracks. Our goal is to accomplish this through outstanding services at prices that are affordable.

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Why Choose Us for your Worcester Pest Control

Finding signs that pests have invaded your home or workplace is not only distressing, but it can have dire effects. DIY pest control methods are usually not able to solve the problem. In that case, you’ll need to call in a professional pest control service.

At Allen Pest Control, we have the knowledge and experience to tackle all types of pest control problems. We are licensed to provide pest control Worcester services and have the knowledge to use commercial substances in a manner that will keep you, your family, and your employees safe.

We’re open 7 days a week, ready to help when you need it, even on the weekend. And we understand the need to be discreet. We send our exterminators to your home or business in a plain van, so no one will know you have a pest problem.

Allen Pest Control is a business that’s fully insured, and trade registered, so you can count on us to provide the expert services you need and expect. We’re ready to provide pest control Worcester services when you need the most.

    How We Can Help

    While pest infestations may first appear small, they’re usually larger than you can see from the initial signs pests leave behind. If you’re not a professional exterminator, you may miss important details that provide information of a larger infestation. Even if you realize the infestation is larger than expected, you won’t have access to commercial substances which are more effective. We have the knowledge and experience needed to get rid of pests and keep them out.

    In addition, we’re a local business that can respond quickly to your pest problem. We can be to your home when you need pest control Worcester. Before we agree to do the job, we’ll conduct a free survey. During the survey, one of our professional exterminators will search through your home or business looking for signs of an infestation. Not only will they find the signs, but our exterminators will also be able to discover which pest is causing the problem. The survey is completely free, with no obligation.

    Next, if you’d like to hire our services, then we’ll provide you with a written quotation after the free service is completed. The quote will include all the information you need in regard to time needed to treat pests, the types of methods used, and more. We will not begin work until the contracts and service agreements have been signed.

      Types of Pest Control Services We Provide

      We can help you with all kinds of pest control including the following.

      Rodent Control

      There are two species of rats that are most common in the UK. These are the Norway rat (also called the Brown rat and the Ship rat (also referred to as the Black rat). Of the two, the Brown rat is the most common pest and is found all over the Worcestershire area.

      Rats quickly reproduce, and can have several litters a year, with each litter containing anywhere from 6 to 11 rat pups. These pests usually enter buildings through holes and gaps in walls, through drainage systems, and more.

      Rodents are dangerous because they not only carry a wide variety of diseases harmful to us, but they can also contaminate food and surfaces with faeces, fur, urine and even fleas.

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      Mouse Control

      The House mouse is another common pest, which prefers to live indoors. They have the ability to climb on vertical walls, if the surface is sufficiently rough. Mice can also squeeze through even the smallest gap. They can survive on very small amounts of water, obtaining moisture from their food. Like rats, mice can have several litters of pups each year, with each litter containing up to 5-8 pups.

      These pests are also dangerous because they can transfer disease and contaminate surfaces through their urine and faeces.

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      Mole Control

      Moles are a highly problematic because of the tunnels they dig while searching for earthworms, their favorite food. As they search for food, moles leave mounds of dirt, which are called mole hills.

      Moles can quickly destroy lawns and gardens if they’re not stopped. Stones that surface from their digging can also cause damage to mower blades. And in an agricultural area, soil from mole hills can mix with animal feed, making it unfit to eat. Horses and cattle can also be injured if they fall into a mole hole.

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      Wasp Control

      Wasps make nests, which resemble papier mache. These may contain thousands of worker wasps. These pests may choose to build their nests on or in domestic buildings in areas such as lofts, wall cavities, or even in the garden where they can find tree cavities or even banks of soil for their nests.

      Wasps are extremely dangerous. Not only are their stings painful, but some people may be allergic to a wasp sting and go into anaphylactic shock. Wasps can also spread disease from feeding on rotten foods.

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      Flea Control

      Fleas are highly unpleasant parasites that live in the fur of their host, feeding on the host’s blood. The cat flea is one of the most commonly type in our area. These are not only found on cats, but also dogs. Fleas also lay their eggs in the host’s fur. Eventually the eggs drop off and then can take up residence in your pet’s bedding, carpets and more.

      Fleas are a nuisance to both us and our pets. While the fleas don’t live on humans, they can still be very irritating. They can even cause an allergic reaction in some people. Not only that, but flea cocoons can remain dormant in carpet for long periods, until vibration causes the fleas to emerge. This usually leads to another infestation of these problem parasites.

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      General Pests

      Allen Pest Control Worcester is also able to provide control solutions for a wide range of other pests. Just give us a call for a free consultation. We’re looking forward to discussing your pest treatment options.

      We can take care of the following pests:

      • Ants
      • Bedbugs
      • Cockroaches
      • Carpet beetles
      • Moths
      • Silverfish
      • Squirrels

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