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You might have found us using a search engine by searching something like “wasp next removal Worcester” and we’re happy you found us! We provide control and treatment services for both domestic and commercial customers in the Worcester area.  Allen Pest Control is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of pest control services possible. Jim Allen, owner of the company, has over 13 years of experience in operations management and quality control. With his knowledge and expertise, have what it takes to rid your home of harmful pests.

We strive to offer our services at a competitive price, all while make sure our customers, their families, and employees remain safe. For our domestic customers, we provide our services in a discreet manner, and always arrive to their homes in a plain van.

For our business customers, we understand that pest control services can be disruptive and expensive. We aim to solve our customers’ pest control issues with the least amount of disruption possible, while working diligently to rid their premises of pests. Our goal is to accomplish this by providing outstanding services at affordable prices.

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Why Choose Us for your Worcester Wasp Next Removal

Finding signs of wasps in or around your home or workplace can be distressing, as well as dangerous. DIY pest control methods are usually not effective in taking care of a wasp infestation. When your efforts are not effective, you’ll need to call in a professional pest control service.

At Allen Pest Control, we have the knowledge and experienced needed to take care of a wasp infestation. We are licensed and insured to provide wasp nest removal Worcester. We have the knowledge and the ability to access commercial wasp control substances to solve your infestation problem. We’ll make sure you, your family and employees all remain safe as we eliminate these dangerous pests.

We’re available when you need us—7 days a week, which means we’re here to help you even on the weekend. There’s no need to worry that neighbors will learn about your wasp problem. We’ll arrive in a plain van, so no one will realize we’re a pest control company.

Allen Pest Control is a business which is fully insured, and trade registered. You can depend on us to provide the expert wasp nest removal Worcester services you need. We’re ready to provide help when you need it most.

    How We Can Help

    We take care of wasp problems, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with these extremely dangerous pests.

    Wasps, also known as paper wasps, are large flying insects that can be up to an inch long. However, some may be smaller or larger, depending on the specific species. They prefer to build their nests in areas such as soffits, window corners, beneath awnings, under porches and other accessible areas. They sometimes wasps may even build their nests in voids, such as the space between walls, in gas grills, electric outlet boxes, and even in crawl spaces. Wasps can easily access attic areas through holes in soffits, vent screens and even under shingles.

      Controlling Wasps

      Many people choose to try the DIY method of removing wasps; however, this can be extremely dangerous. The method typically involves the removal of the wasp nest. Removal of the wasp nest by a non-professional can cause the wasps to become angry, and which makes them come out stinging in defense of their home. Not only are the stings extremely painful, but if you’re allergic to wasp stings, you can develop a serious condition called an anaphylactic reaction, which can be life-threatening.

      Some people try to use the following methods to remove wasp nests:

      • Burning the nest: the use of fire to remove the nest not only angers the wasps, but could also lead to the property catching on fire. And chances are not all the wasps will be killed. Any wasp that remains alive will come out of the nest and try to sting anyone nearby.
      • Water removal: some people try to flood the wasp nest with water; however, this is not an effective removal method. For one thing, water can damage your property. For another, not all the wasps will be killed, meaning the ones left alive will come after you trying to attack.
      • Baseball bat method: then there are other people who try to use a baseball bat, or another stick-like tool, to hit the nest. This will may result in knocking the nest off the building; however, the wasps will come out stinging mad.

      Each of these methods only results in damage to your property and puts you in danger of being swarmed and stung by a hive of mad wasps. The best method for removing a wasp nest is to call in professional pest exterminators.

      We’re available 7 days a week, ready to help when you need wasp nest removal Worcester.

        worcester wasp nest removal

        Other Types of Pest Control Services We Provide

        Not only can we deal with a wasp infestation, but we can help you with other types of pests, too, including:

        Mouse control: this is very common pest in our area. Did you know that mice can even climb vertical walls? While they’re not Spider Man, if walls are rough enough, mice can gain enough of a toehold to climb almost anywhere.

        Rat control: like mice, rats are extremely common in homes across Worcestershire. Rats (and mice) can carry several diseases that can also affect humans, and they contaminate food and surfaces.

        Mole control: these pests are problematic for digging tunnels in search of their favorite food, which is earthworms. Their holes, called mole hills, can be dangerous for people, horses and other animals.

        Flea control: these pests are dangerous parasites that can carry many diseases. They live and breed on our pets, but can hop off and bite us, too. If not controlled, fleas can quickly infest every part of your home.

        General pests: at Allen Pest Control, we’re also able to provide control solutions for the following pests:

        • Ants
        • Bedbugs
        • Cockroaches
        • Carpet beetles
        • Moths
        • Silverfish
        • Squirrels

        When you need pest control services, just call Allen Pest Control. We’ll take care wasp nest removal Worcester and more.

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