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Rat and Mouse Catcher Worcester

Are you searching the Internet look for a rat and mouse catcher Worcester? If so, then we’d like to welcome you here to our site. At Allen Pest Control, we offer professional pest control services for both residential and commercial customers in the Worcester area.

Allen Pest Control is owned by Jim Allen, who brings over 13 years’ experience to providing pest control services. Jim combines his extensive knowledge and experience in operations management and quality control. The goal of his company and pest control work is to provide the highest level of pest control and customer care possible.

Our services are always offered a competitive price. You can count on us to make sure your entire home, family and pets are safe as we rid your property of pests. Whether you’re a residential or a commercial customer, you can also count on us to provide a discreet pest removal service every time. We’ll arrive on site in a plain van, so no one will know we’re there to provide pest control services.

For our commercial customers, we know pest control can be disruptive and costly. For these reasons, our goal is to solve your pest problem with as quickly as possible, while keeping disruption of your business to a minimum. Rest assured we take your pest control problem seriously, and while working quickly, we do make sure all pests are stopped for good. We ensure our commercial pest control services are outstanding, while our prices are affordable.

Rat and Mouse Catcher Worcester

Why Choose Us for Your Rat and Mouse Catcher Worcester

Our rat and mouse catcher services Worcester are known for being excellent and we bring our knowledge and experience with local rodent issues to bear on your pest control issues.

When it comes to rats, we know about the two most common types of rats common in the Worcester area. These are the brown rat and the black rat. As with other rodents, both types of rats can reproduce very quickly, producing up to several litters a year, with 6-11 baby rats in each litter. We also know that rats can easily gain access to residential and commercial properties through small gaps in walls, via defective drainage systems, and more.

Mice are another common rodent problem in this area. Mice prefer to live indoors, especially when the weather turns cooler in the autumn. Mice have an uncanny ability to climb vertical walls if the surface offers them a toehold. Not only that, but mice are able to squeeze through openings that are so small you wouldn’t believe it.

Mice are also great at surviving on low amounts of water, which is the reason they tend to go for food that has a higher moisture content. And similar to rats, mice can have several litters a year, each with up to 5-8 pups. That translates into a lot of mice in a fairly short time.

We have the knowledge and experience to rid your home or commercial property of these pests. If left untreated, rats and mice can damage wood and plaster in homes or businesses. They also have a tendency to enjoy the coating on electrical wires. This means that if rodents gnaw on live wires, they could even cause a fire.

In addition, rodents such as mice and rats are known to carry a wide variety of diseases, some of which are harmful to humans and pets. These diseases can be transferred via contaminated urine and faeces, fleas or even fur left behind on surfaces.

Treatment of Rodents

The first thing we do is visit your home or commercial property. Once there, we conduct a free survey of the building and the surrounding area. When we’re finished, we’ll review the results of the survey and discuss them openly with you, offering advice on various treatment methods, areas to be treated, and more.

Then, when you’re in agreement, we’ll create a treatment plan which includes all the costs involved. You don’t have to worry about hidden fees or charges with Allan Pest Control. We’ll provide all the information upfront, so you can make the right decision on treatment options and the costs involved.

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What You Can Expect from Allen Pest Control

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We have the knowledge and experience to take care of all types of pest control issues, whether you’re a residential or a commercial customer. No matter what, you can always count on us to be available to help when you need it.

In addition, we’re licensed and fully insured to take care of a wide variety of pest control problems. We’re a local business you can count on because we’re open seven days a week. If you need help, we’ll provide you with rapid response to take care of any pest problem you’re having, including a rat/mouse infestation.

We also conduct a free survey to check for pest control issues, and create a report with the survey results. We’ll go over the entire survey with you, and let you make the decision on the type of treatment to be used. Then we’ll provide a written quotation before any work is begun. In other words, we don’t start working on the pest control issue until you give us the go ahead.

Allen Pest Control will also provide you with a contract and service agreement, so you’ll never be left guessing as to how much the job will cost, exactly what you’re paying for, and more. Our goal is to provide you with transparent customer service every time.

Allen Pest Control always provides a discreet pet control service. We’re also fully insured, and trade registered for a wide variety of pest control issues in the Worcester area.

All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions on our pest control services, and if you need us, we’ll be there in a flash. You can count on Allen Pest Control to rid your property of pests discreetly, safely and effectively.

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