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When it comes to bed bugs, just the thought of these crawly creatures can make a person itch! We don’t blame you. Bed bugs are more than just a nuisance. It’s a fact that bed bugs are one of the most problematic pests to get rid of.

However, there are some things you can do to keep bed bugs from becoming a major pest problem in your home. Here are some tips to help you stop these creatures before they can take over.

Travel Tips to Keep Bed Bugs from Coming Back with You

Here are some tips to help you avoid picking up these little hitchhikers are you travel:

On arrival and before you unpack:

1). Put your suitcase(s) in the bathroom, directly into the bathtub, then inspect the room. Putting your luggage and belongings on the bed or other soft surfaces could result in bed bugs hitching a ride before you even realise they’re in the room.

2). Closely inspect the luggage stands and the closet area. Remember to pay extra attention to the baseboards near where your luggage and belongings will be stored. Also check the luggage rack and the area where you’ll hang clothing.

3). Most hotel rooms comes with a headboard that’s mounted to the wall. Be sure to check behind and all round the headboard. It’s also helpful to use a credit card to check the seams and cracks for any signs of bed bugs around the headboard.

4). Carefully lift the bedding, mattress, and box spring to check the folds, seams, tags, dust cover (even if stapled) and any other areas where these pests could be hiding. One note, because these areas are frequently disturbed by housekeepers, you may not find signs that bed bugs are in residence.

5). Remember to inspect the dressers, nightstands, and any other furniture located near the bed. Don’t forget to check any wall hangings in this area, too.

6). Avoid storing suitcases, purses, backpacks or other types of carrying cases under the bed. This is a prime location for bed bug infestations.

During your stay:

It’s a good idea to closely inspect your suitcase, clothing and other belongings for signs of bed bugs. This can be done each morning, as well as checking your skin for anything that looks like new bug bites. Be sure to also check your bedding for blood spots, which is another indication that bed bugs are in the room.

Before you leave:

It’s a very good idea to go ahead and inspect your clothing and other belongings before packing them. Before you pack, check the suitcase carefully for signs of bed bugs. This means checking crevices in your purse, backpack and luggage. Do the credit card test, which was recommended for checking your headboard. Use this method around all the seams of your luggage, and more.

Protect Your Home When Kids Come Home from Uni

Student residences can also harbour bed bugs. These pests will hitch a ride back to your home with no problem! For this reason, here are some tips to help your kids avoid bringing bed beds back home with them:

1). Let your student know that if they would like to bring any clothing or bedding home to wash, then the laundry must be sorted and placed into plastic bags before being packed. When the laundry enters your home, carry the laundry bags directly to the laundry room without opening them. There, separate the laundry like normal (lights from darks, delicates from regular, and so on). Once each load has been washed, then dry all items on the highest setting which is safe for those items.

Using this method will keep bed bugs from expecting the dirty laundry and taking up residence in your home.

2). All plastic bags that contained the dirty laundry can be frozen and/or discarded. These should be placed in sealed garbage bags, to keep the critters from infesting your home.

3). Next, be sure you and your student inspect all backpacks, luggage and other types of bags used to carry computers, electronics, and more. If bed bugs are found in these, then place the luggage or bags into plastic bags, and store in the garage until it’s time for your student to return to school.

4). Avoid placing luggage, backpacks or other bags under beds in order to keep the bed bugs from becoming a pest in your home.

What Precautions Can You Take When Buying New Clothes?

We’ve got you covered here, too! Here are more easy-to-follow tips when you’re out shopping for new clothes:

1). Secondhand or used clothing: needs to be thoroughly checked for any signs of bed bugs. These items should be cleaned immediately before being taken home, or at least once you arrive home.

2). Clothing that required dry cleaning: if used clothing needs to be dry cleaned, then be sure to mention that these pieces of clothing are from an unknown source, and they should be kept in the plastic bags until it’s time to clean them. This is a great way to provide the business with an awareness to watch out for the possibility of bed bugs in their establishment.

Buying Used Mattresses & Furniture

Use furniture and mattresses can also be excellent sources of unwanted bed bug infestations. Doesn’t the very idea just make you itch? Here are some tips to keep secondhand furniture from bringing bed bugs into your home:

1). Be sure to thoroughly inspect all secondhand or used furniture and mattresses for any signs of bed bugs before these pieces are brought into your home.

2). If you find furniture or beds just left lying discarded at the curb, avoid them at all costs. It’s highly possible these items have become infested with bed bugs.

3). Remember that bed bugs can also be found in other types of furniture such as tables, drawers, dressers, or even inside electronics. Give these items a thorough going over before bringing them into your home and bedroom.

These are the best precautions you can take to keep from brining bed bugs into your home in the first place. Always be thorough and if you find a bed bug infestation, then call us, Allen Pest Control. We’ll be there quickly to tackle these creepy crawlies before they take up residence in your home.