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Finding a pest has entered and infested your home can be distressing. So, you look for pest control solutions and decide to try DIY pest control methods to solve the problem. If you choose this route, you’re not alone.

Many homeowners choose this to use DIY solutions to solve pest problems. The reason usually comes down to cost. While cost is definitely a factor, when it comes to pest control, DIY options are not always effective. So, it may be better to hire a professional pest control service to solve your pest problems.

There are additional reasons and benefits of using a professional exterminator. Let’s take a look.

1). Professionals are trained: chances are you don’t have the training, knowledge and experience to properly and effectively deal with a pest infestation. In addition, pesticides must be used in a safe manner. Improper use and application of a pesticide can cause harmful health issues to you, your family, pets and even plants in the home.

Licensed pest control companies have the experience and knowledge to use these substances safely. They have received extensive training on the proper handline and application of pesticides. They will know how to keep you family safe, while using the right methods to rid your home of pests.

2). Pest infestations can be large: it can be difficult to identify and control an infestation. Unless you’re a professional exterminator, you may not be able to identify the pest, which means you probably won’t use the best methods and pesticides to rid your home of the problem.

Also, consider the fact that by the time you notice an infestation, the problem is usually too large for a non-professional to deal with. By that time, only a professional exterminator has the means to deal with the large number of pests.

However, a professional pest control technician has the knowledge and experienced to properly identify the pests. Due to their training, they’ll choose the right method to get rid of the problem.

3). DIY pest control isn’t always effective: most of the DIY products and methods that are available to non-professionals are usually effective. This is because some pests become somewhat immune to the effect of the most commonly used OTC pesticides that are available in stores.

In addition, DIY methods are usually not effective against pests such as termites, bed bugs, carpenter ants or even rodents. These pests call for professional extermination services because by the time you notice there’s a problem, you’re dealing with a major infestation problem.

DIY products and methods will not rid your home of a problem of this size. Only a professional, with the right methods and knowledge, can take care of such a large infestation. Another problem is that chemicals in DIY pest solutions can be very dangerous, especially when not used properly.

4). DIY pest control efforts are expensive and time consuming: when it comes to taking care of pest infestations on your own, you’ll find these methods are usually quite expensive and time consuming. This can cause major disruptions to home and family life and take a huge bite out of your budget.

Instead, hiring a professional pest control company is more cost-effective. They’re able to deal with the problem quickly and efficiently, so you and your family don’t face several long disruptions. While this may seem like the more expensive option, consider the fact that you’ll need to use more than one application of DIY products to tackle the pest problem. This means the DIY option is generally more expensive than choosing to hire a pest control professional to solve the problem. When the DIY methods and products don’t work, you’ll need to hire a professional anyway.

Going with a professional exterminator from the beginning saves you a lot of time, effort and money.

5). DIY pest control methods aren’t comprehensive: if you choose to use DIY methods to control pests, chances are you will only use one method to solve the pest problem. However, a professional exterminator takes a more integrated approach to pest control, especially for pest infestations.

While pesticide may be helpful, it may not be the complete solution needed to control pests. With a professional pest control company, they will take steps to ensure the infestation is controlled, but they will also consider additional ways to keep the pests from returning.

An exterminator may use a method called Integrated Pest Management (PIM), which can include a combination of pesticides, trapping, reducing moisture in certain areas, and even provide barriers to prevent future pest infestations.

These are the main reasons to consider hiring a professional pest control expert, rather than tackling the problem on your own. You’ll save money, time, and effort by using a professional exterminator. Plus the professional pest control technician will make sure you, your family, pets and plants all stay safe during the process.

What to Expect from a Professional Exterminator

You may have questions on what to expect from a professional exterminator. Here is a quick overview of the services provided by most pest control firms:

1). They’ll perform an inspection of your home’s interior and exterior, looking for signs of a pest problem.

2). Next, the professional exterminator works to identify the pest and the risks the pest may carry for you and your family, for your home’s structure, and more.

3). Once the problem has been identified, the exterminator will devise a plan to treat the pest problem.

4). Then they will treat the areas and provide additional methods to control pests.

5). The pest control technician will also offer you advice and guidance on how to limit and/or prevent future pest infestations.

6). The exterminator may need to return and evaluate the success of the treatment applied for pests and may need to make modifications in their methods or reapply certain pesticides.

7). They’ll also answer any of your questions, provide education about avoiding future pest problems, and more.

You’ll receive a lot of value for the cost of hiring a professional pest control firm, rather than taking a DIY approach to your pest problem. A professional has the knowledge, experience and training to tackle pet problems, and they’ll know how to keep you and your family safe, too.

And in most cases, just one visit is all that’s needed to take care of a pest problem. In the end, you’ll save money by hiring a professional exterminator to deal with the pests in your home.